Professional and
Personal Development

This is the 45th annual weekend Group Relations Conference held at Northwestern University and the twelfth year of sponsorship by The Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies of The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

The Conference is a temporary educational institution whose purpose is to create a safe environment in which members experience and examine authority, group, institutional, and diversity dynamics characteristic of contemporary organizational life. It is designed to enable members to observe and experience firsthand group level and institutional system processes that are often covertly active in groups and organizations.

Each year, the Conference draws a diverse group of participants. These Conferences benefit professionals in the fields of business, human resources, organizational development, education, and mental health.

Conference Director:
Vicki Seglin, Ph.D.

Conference Co-Associate Directors:
Katherine Harding, Psy.D. and Ms. Amy Freed, LCPC

Assistant Director of Administration:
Leah Goldgar, MA

“I learned that exercising authority requires boundaries to provide fairness and be effective.”

Our Sponsors


The Family Institute at
Northwestern University

The Family Institute is committed to strengthening and healing families from all walks of life through clinical service, education and research. An affiliate of Northwestern University, the Family Institute is a unique, innovative, not-for-profit organization, governed by its own independent Board of Directors responsible for its own funding.

Chicago Center for the Study of Groups and Organizations

The Chicago Center for the Study of Groups and Organizations (CCSGO) was founded in 1987 and serves to advance knowledge of how people can work effectively together in groups and organizations and to explore the exercise of authority and leadership in responsible ways. CCSGO is one of the five regional centers affiliated with the A.K. Rice Institute which is a national not-for-profit institution devoted to studying and learning about covert behaviors in groups and institutions.

25 CEUs are available for certain professional licenses. See Conference brochure for details.