How is this different from other conferences?

Many conferences are didactic. Some offer a keynote speech, followed by educational breakout sessions. While this Conference does offer multiple, different events, we don't rely on slideshows or handouts. Instead, members engage in experiential learning through self-observation and reflection. Staff Consultants are available during some events to provide support in the form of a specific role.

Why do I need a reference?

Experiential learning can sometimes prove stressful. Therefore, individuals who are vulnerable because they are physically ill or are experiencing a period of significant personal difficulty should forgo attendance at this time. Our goal is to create a relatively safe space in which all attendees can explore challenging topics. See the Conference brochure for additional information.

If the Conference is stressful, what suggestions do you have for navigating this?

We suggest taking some time to process the Conference after it ends. This can be done in a variety of ways. Many members have found it helpful to take time off from their 'back home' responsibilities on the day after the Conference. However, this isn't possible for everyone. Optional post-Conference review and application sessions may be scheduled and will be announced during the Conference.

Is lodging available?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide or prepare lodging. You can find multiple nearby hotels through the online booking tool of your choice.

Is food provided?

Light snacks will be available during the Conference, and can be found in the member lounge. There will be breaks in the schedule for meal times. However, members will be responsible for their own meals. There are several restaurants nearby.

Are scholarships available?

Our pricing structure includes discounts for non-profit professionals, beginning professionals, and students. A limited number of partial scholarships are available. Please contact us for additional information.

Where can I learn more about Group Relations Conferences?

We recommend the following optional readings, available for free download (PDF):